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Dr Brigitte Corley took a BA in the History of Art at London University and, having specialised in Northern European art and especially in German late medieval painting, she gained a doctorate with her thesis 'Conrad von Soest; his altarpieces, his workshop and his place in European Art' at the Courtauld Institute and Birkbeck College, both University of London (1991). She lectures and writes widely on the arts, particularly on the art of the Northern Early and High Renaissance.

Dr. Corley is a member of the Association of Art Historians and served as a member of its Executive Committee 1991-1997. She is also a member of the American 'Historians of Netherlandish Art', the International Association of Art Critics, and the Verband Deutscher Kunsthistoriker. She is a Fellow both of the Royal Society of Arts and of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

She has presented papers at international conferences in Gt. Britain, Germany, the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her numerous publications include the monograph Conrad von Soest, Painter among Merchant Princes (London, 1996; German edition Berlin, 2000) and the survey volume Painting and Patronage in Cologne, 1300-1500 (London, 2000; German edition, Kiel, 2009). She is now working on a study of painting in Hamburg in the workshops of Master Bertram and Master Francke.

Publications include

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